Krista Scheuerman

I am currently a third year Master of Science student at Nova Southeastern University (NSU) studying deep-sea biodiversity in the Seascape Ecology Lab under Dr. Rosanna Milligan. My thesis project focuses on the taxonomic resolution, biodiversity, and assemblage structure of deep-sea fishes collected during the ONSAP Pisces 10 cruise in the Gulf of Mexico in 2011. The aim of my study is to analyze the effects of calculating multivariate biodiversity indices using varying taxonomic resolutions. I am also investigating the assemblage structure of these deep-living fishes to determine if the groupings (if they exist) align with the known life history and ecological traits of these species and determine how the taxonomic resolution affects those groups. Before attending NSU, I studied at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas, where I received my Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology in 2016.