Rosanna Milligan, PhD

Rosanna Milligan is an Assistant Professor at Nova Southeastern University. Rosanna earned an MSci (Aquatic Bioscience), MSc (Parasitology) and PhD (Marine Ecology) at the University of Glasgow, UK. Her research interests lie in understanding how the distributions and biodiversity patterns of deep-sea animals are shaped by their environment across multiple spatiotemporal and organisational scales. Her Seascape Ecology Lab has a strong focus on data analysis, and we use a variety of statistical and data-driven analytical approaches to better understand dynamic spatial distributions and diversity patterns in deep-sea animals and their driving processes in open ocean and deep-sea ecosystems. She is particularly interested in the role that mobile fauna (particularly fishes) may play in connecting spatially and temporally disconnected ecosystems. As we gain a better understanding of the "natural" drivers of change within these ecosystems, we will be better able to understand and predict the effects of increasing human impacts at all ocean depths. ​