Jon Moore, PhD

Jon Moore is a Professor of Biology at the Wilkes Honors College at Florida Atlantic University. He also is affiliated with Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute at FAU and a curatorial affiliate at the Peabody Museum of Natural History at Yale University. He received his M.S. and Ph.D. from the Biology Department at Yale University and was a NRC postdoctoral fellow at the National Marine Fisheries Service Lab in Woods Hole, MA. He participated in the NOAA NRDA Gulf of Mexico Offshore Sampling and Analysis Program (ONSAP) as a fish taxonomist. Previously, he contributed to the Census of Marine Life project Census of Seamounts (CENSEAM). He is also currently working with IUCN on the Red Lists of Caribbean and deep-sea fishes. He is a marine biologist with an interest in the ecology and evolution of deepwater fishes, biogeography of fishes, and the ecology of deep benthic habitats, although he also gets distracted by terrestrial ecology, particularly herpetology. For the DEEPEND project, he has contributed to the field collection and preservation of pelagic animals, identification of deep pelagic fishes, collection of tissue samples for population genetic analysis, and quantitative analysis of the community structure of deep pelagic fishes.