DEEPEND research was prominently featured at the first international "Fish at Night Symposium" in Coconut Grove, Florida on Nov. 17-20th 2015.  Dr. Tracey Sutton, Director of the DEEPEND consortium, was the chair for the Deep and Polar Sea (“Perpetual Night”) Fish and Fisheries session.  Featured DEEPEND talks and presenter were:

Dr. Tracey Sutton - "Understanding Deep-Pelagic Ecosystem Dynamics: A New Research Initiative in the Gulf of Mexico (DEEPEND)"

April Cook, MS - "What Have We Learned About the Diversity of Oceanic Fauna of the Gulf of Mexico After Deepwater Horizon? Initial Results of the Offshore Nekton Sampling and Analysis Program

Alex Marks, MS Student - "Reproductive Ecology of Dragonfishes (Family: Stomiidae), The Dominant Vertically Migrating Mesopelagic Predators, in the Gulf of Mexico"

Lacey Malarky, MS Student - "Faunal Composition and Distribution of Pelagic Larval Flatfishes (Teleostei:Pleuronectiformes) in the Northern Gulf of Mexico: Connectivity Between Coastal and Oceanic Epipelagic Ecosystems"

Katie Bowen, MS Student - "Pelagic Habitat Use by Juvenile Reef Fishes in the Northern Gulf of Mexico"

The full program can be downloaded here